Thank you for your interest in our Virolizer range of products. Virolizer is a registered Trademark of London Europe Group Ltd, which has a trading history of 21 years and supplies internationally. All our Virolizer products are of high grade and are certified comply to CE and EN regulations. Certification are available upon request.


4th November 2020 – Public annoucement in Polish Stock Market

We are proud to announce our distribution agreement with Inno Gene S.A. and their sister research company DNA for UK and Ireland with a target of providing 10m Polish made RT Lamp test to be distributed to Airports, Healthcare, Sports Venues, Industry and Government Bodies.

…”Genomic Laboratory of DNA Research Center Poland is a worldclass facility Center, with Proven quality, service and commitment to the scientfic community for many years. Inno Gene S.A. & DNA quality and relaibility of their test is what drove us to join forces in the UK to fight against Covid-19″. DNA is also working on a CovidVax vaccine and we will update you with more developments as they come ” … Managing Director – Mr Osman Kaderia

Our Virolizer Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs instantly without water, leaving your hands refreshed. Tested by Intertek UK and registered with the NHS. This amazing versatile spray can help protect you and your family from harmful bacteria. Use anytime, anywhere: car, office, clothes, surfaces, hand bags or for sporting activities. Use as often as required Virolizer Hand and Surface spray, change the way you Sanitise.

Full colour display Oximeters

Virolizer Infrared Medical Thermometers

Our Virolizer 3 ply Mask have a genuine Meltblown filter cloth layer that ensure over 90% filtration of bacteria and germs. Regular Audits of factories are carried out through our HK offices.

Our Medical Grade Type IIR 3ply mask are suitable for Hospital and Government contracts with tested BFE between 98-98.9%. We can now offer made in UK versions as well.

Our KN95 / N95 mask factory has a CE and FDA approval and our 4 layers and new 5 layer mask are FFP2 compliant and come individually in retail packaging as well.

Kids Masks 50’s and 10’s avaliable Type 1

Virolizer Antibacteral and also IPA 70% Alcohol Wipes range made in UK and come in Singles, 70pk Flow wraps & 150 wipe Tubs both products complying to EN14476, EN1500, EN1276, EN13727