Body Armour

Bullet Proof Vests From Safeguard Armour®

Our wide range of advanced bullet proof armour offers protection for every circumstance, without sacrificing the ergonomic and comfortable design that defines our products. Our Aramid fiber bullet proof vests are capable of stopping a variety of ammunition, and we ensure that our range is complete in order to offer you the best possible protection. At SafeGuard Armour® our team of knowledgeable and experienced body armour specialists are ready to assist you with any questions that may arise when choosing your body armour piece. Account managers focus on providing practical, impartial guidance that takes into consideration the specific attributes of every piece of body armour we supply. This results in body armour optimally suited to your personal protection requirements.

Commander Multi Use Vest

Our partners SafeGuard ARMOUR™ have invested years of research and industry expertise into the development of high performance body armour that is lighter, more flexible, more comfortable and offers unbeatable protection. The superior quality of our products and our personal approach has been the foundation of our reputation as a highly trusted, leading global armour manufacturer. We are very proud to serve and supply militaries, police forces and security companies around the world. Our passionate and knowledgeable team are always willing to offer advice and ensure that you get the perfect body armour to suit your needs.

Level 4 Plates

Maximum Protection and Ergonomic Design in Lightweight Rigid Plate Inserts
SafeGuard Armour’s® range of Ballistic Plates uses the strongest and lightest materials to provide unparalleled strength and protection, for any situation. The rigid inserts are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly to the contours of your body, keeping you mobile and flexible without sacrificing protection. The unique mix of ultra-high quality materials ensures your protection is as light as possible.

Ballistic Helmets

Unparalleled Protection Designed to be as Ergonomic and Comfortable as Possible
Maximum protection and complete comfort are offered with SafeGuard Armour’s® range of durable Ballistic Helmets. Designed to protect against high-calibre threats and offer unparalleled comfort, the wide range of Ballistic Helmets ensures you protect the most important part of your body. SafeGuard’s® Ballistic Helmets will keep you secure in even the most extreme environments.

Night Vision Profesional Goggles
Celox Rapid Z-Fold Gauze For Life Threatening Emergency Bleeding


The fastest acting haemostatic gauze, saving over two minutes treatment time compared to others.

  • Works with just 60 seconds compression, or until bleeding stops
  • Stops life-threatening bleeding – fast
  • Rapid action reduces blood loss
  • Stops hypothermic bleeding as found in severe traumatic injuries.

Time is critical when treating severe injuries in the field and saving time increases the chance of survival for the casualty in an emergency or hostile situation. To be effective in real use, haemostatic dressings need to work fast.

Treatment time is the combined time of wound packing and compression time.

The current generation of haemostatic agents need at least 3 minutes of compression to work. Celox RAPID Gauze removes the delay by speeding up packing time and reducing compression time to just 60 seconds while using the proven haemostat technology of Celox.